The Automatypewriter, and other goodness

Zork, a wonderful text-based game from the 1980s

It’s been a while I know.. Been working like crazy, getting ready to move. All kinds of good stuff. Seems like this time of year just goes by so fast, and around January time just slows to a crawl while we all wait for the sun to come back around.

Discovered recently an awesome DIY project, the details of which were posted by its creator here at Up, not North. Some of you might recall an illustration I did recently of an old Corona typewriter. I’d been hoping to transform this into a sweet jQuery driven web app, a simple thing that would animate typing into a text field, but in a really visually rich kind of way. Seeing this just makes me want make that happen that much more.

Growing up  in the Eighties there was the advent of so many geek cultural icons. There were the early personal computers, like the Commodore 64, Amiga, and early Apple Computers, which cost a fortune and promised to do so so much to revolutionize our lives.

During this time games were all over the map, and there was a lot of innovation going on trying to take advantage of the baby-steps taken in early graphics, actual writable memory, and processing speeds. Some might recall the legendary text-based games of the time, Zork and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

THIS wondrous creation is an ode to those halcyon days, providing an interactive, beautiful and tactile interface (although slightly weighty) for Zork fans of all ages. Peep the video and be amazed!

The Automatypwriter from Jonathan M. Gruberman via “Up, not North”