About Peter Demaria

I love mornings with this guy! #morningvibes #coffee #campvibes #goodlight @pdemaria

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Peter Demaria is an illustrator who’s multi-media work is populated with strange characters and dark, mysterious places influenced by his dreams and surroundings. His preferred mediums are acrylics/watercolors or straight up pen/pencil and paper.

Peter is otherwise occupied pushing pixels as an experienced full-stack web developer / designer, (as well as a skilled SEO and SEM). Despite earning a degree in Studio Art (with a focus in Graphic Design, and an Associates degree in French Language Studies) he’s has been working professionally as a self-taught, full-stack web developer for 9 years.

Peter lives in New Westminster, British Columbia with his wife Jess and their cat Taco. He spends his free time enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest and dreaming about surfing distant waves.