Somewhere Near Tapachula
New York Surf Film Festival

One of the many excellent films showing at the New York Surf Film Festival this year is a film called Somewhere Near Tapachula, and just aired today (September 26, 2010). I was super stoked to find that a drawing that I drew last year had also made it into a few posts written about the film… Read on to find out more about this amazing group of people building up a vibrant surf community in Mexico.

“Somewhere Near Tapachula, by Jonno Durrant and Stefan Hunt: 54 Mexican kids, 37 surfboards, 2 Australian parents, 1 inspiring surf story! Pam and Alan Skuse left their family and their comfortable lives in Australia to volunteer at a Mexican orphanage for one year. They accidentally founded Mission Mexico and are still there ten years later. Five years ago they started teaching children to surf in the deserted world-class local waves. Now the kids rip and the joy of the sport helps them heal from their unimaginable pasts.” via

SOMEWHERE NEAR TAPACHULA from stefan hunt on Vimeo.

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