Like, Totally

blackbook, Peter Demaria ©2009

Busy busy busy, seems like I’m working on about ten different projects all the time. Robotic Relative is a new site from the creator of Sweet Nothing Clothes, featuring the Art and Design of Jess Hahn… And the redesign is just screaming to go live but is just not quite there yet. E-commerce is no breeze, there needs to be some advances made, I think the financial institutions need to implement some innovation and produce some kind of API.. I’m no programmer but who knows, be a lot easier if you didn’t have to write an entire back-end to exchange money for goods and services na’-mean (or hook into some greedy and inefficient middle-man service, other than your bank)..

I have about six different paintings on the go, each in a state of almost there, but not quite. And I am also designing a poster, working on the ETA site, and getting started on producing some Flash advertising… Where does it end! All this and working at Great Harvest Bread thirty hours a week, and I need you to hire me, right now!